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Aptech visits Ecolife

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Our cold storage and post-harvest technologies are attracting various organizations to learn from Ecolife. The Aptech Africa team visited the walk-in cold store at Matugga and the Farmers’ enterprise center at Kitula-Wakiso. They were excited to see the Eco cold store plus the solar power system designed by Ecolife and our partners from Smart Villages Research Group. The solar power runs the walk-in cold store and provides energy for other productive use energy services for rural communities.

Collaborating to increase our presence in Africa.

For the continued scale-out program, The partners agreed to contract AptechAfrica to construct and install solar energy systems.

More students and researchers are welcome.

Together we can scale out these low-cost storage facilities to reduce post-harvest losses, hence saving food for hungry and refugee communities.

Apply to join our Research team or write to

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