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We continue to share and mentor communities on how to use solar-powered post-harvest technologies

On the afternoon of October 13, 2022, Henry Mawanda (Enabling Environment Expert) from USAID/Feed the future visited the Ecolife Post-harvest center with the team were members from Aptech Uganda and Smart village research group. The team was amazed at both the solar milling and the business model at the center. They bought 10kg of maize flour at 30,000shs. Rachel from Aptech was happy to practically prove that solar milling is possible.

The solar milling enterprise is operated using the Ecolife farmer–entrepreneur model. Currently, the milling production line comprises of a 7.5KW Hauler and a 3.5KW miller that is powered by a 45KW solar system.

Ideas generated to inform the next steps

 According to Mawanda, the solar milling at Ecolife is an eye-opener that can be adopted by

other millers in Uganda.

 Its necessary to meet with the millers in Eastern and western Uganda to explore more on

their energy needs and challenges

 There is need to size the solar array for the different millers (20Hp, 30Hp, 40Hp)

 It may be necessary to consider solar power using a sandwich model (Using both hydro

power and solar energy to low the total energy cost).

For more information about Solar milling, reach out to Sylvia @ Ecolife on +256 782279656

For business and research, partnerships write to


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