About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse expertise. Our model focuses on co-creation of solutions with communities to address local challenges in agriculture. 

Hadijah Nantambi S. 

(BS, Ms.TIID, Full time)

Director Technology & Innovation

Motivated towards creative design thinking, problem-solving and applying SIT concepts to solve the Agricultural, food safety and environmental concerns in developing countries. 

Sylvia Namazzi

(BS, MSc, Full time)

Business Developments & Operations Manager

In charge of farm operations and management. She is instrumental in creating partner, farmer and market linkages. Transforms innovations into applied knowledge in communities.

Derick Akatukunda

(BS, Part time)

Agro Business Developer

An agricultural engineer responsible for the technical foresight of agricultural technologies/innovations. 

David Mugume

(BS, Part time)

Quality Assurance Manager

Brings technical quality management expertise to the organisation. Oversees quality control, and operations.

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