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Updated: May 7, 2021

Happening now Block making starts in the communities!

Ecolife foods is constructing a Farmer post-harvest center also known as Farmer enterprise center (FEC) in the community. The structural construction will be done out of Interlocking soil stabilized blocks (ISSB), using locally available community raw materials. Therefore, Ecolife Foods is working with the community to make ISSBs to unlock postharvest challenges for rural Uganda.

A team of four Ecolife staff were in Kitula village, Namayumba town council, Wakiso district for 3 days to train the youth from the community in ISSB making. The training objective was to equip the youth with skills in block making and machine handling. To learn how to make quality blocks and the curing process once the blocks are completed.

There were 10 youth from the community and one elder who provided the space where the block making was done. The team from Ecolife comprised 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen. They shared knowledge on block-making, showing how the machine has to be handled, how the soil is mixed marram: sand: cement to get the mixture for making the block.

Learners were allowed to try making the block by themselves and they managed to successfully make good blocks. After which the blocks were removed from the machine and taken for laying on the ground for curing. Curing involves pouring water on the blocks every evening to allow them to set. The curing process takes 7 -21 days before the block is used for construction.

Advantages of ISSB blocks over ordinary clay blocks

  • They do not require fire/burning saving wood and conserving the environment

  • They have a better shape.

  • They require less water during the production and curing process.

  • No timber is required

  • Production can be done in any community at all times

  • ISSB machine is easy to use and to maintain by the community members

Emerging community opportunities after CCB training

  • Community members working in shifts will make over 20,000 ISSB blocks for structural construction due to kick off by the end of May. In addition to knowledge transfer to the underserved agricultural communities, youth are earning over 3 dollars per day.

  • Community members will maintain, repair ISSB machines using local tools and knowledge.

  • Creation of a youth ISSB cooperative for economic transformation and construction of sanitary facilities like toilets. “Teach a man to catch fish - Ecolife model”.

  • Access Ecolife SOP to transfer knowledge to your community to design and construct smart villages


  • Mzee Paniteo Mujuna who provided space (100m x 50m) for block making and construction of farmer’s post-harvest center. The center will promote community aggregation, sorting, and extend product shelf life.

  • Innovate UK for financing this activity in rural Uganda

  • To all consortium members for their continued support.

  • Kitula community members who are willing to embrace science, technology, and innovation for agricultural transformation and prosperity.


CCB - ISSB Making in Kitula(Branded)
Download PDF • 1.92MB

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