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Online Food Design Challenge and Results

Updated: May 29, 2020

Lead Organiser: By Hadijah Nantambi.S

*Food Challenge* : Healthy food designs for kids to reduce food waste in households. 

 *Date* : 28th/05/2020

 *Time* : 6.00am - 10.00am

 *Design activity* : Making kids' food yummy and attractive.

 *Materials* : fruits, vegetables and any other foods available at home.

 *Goal* To Increase food nutrition quality on a tight budget. 

 *Participants* :  12 families from Uganda and USA 🥒🥬🥭🥑️

All the food designs should be posted on the WhatsApp group by 10.00am, then enjoy the meals and give us your feedback. 

The best KID food designer will win $10 plus a basket of fresh lettuce and strawberries. Please join this challenge as we make memorable family COVID times. 

 *Save Food, Stay Safe*

Kids' healthy food designs from 8 families.

            comment and vote for the best KID -food designer

Results of the KIDS' food design activity.

This year’s Online Kids' food challenge was a successful gathering of KID Food Designers from 8 different families! My team and I are still over-the-moon about how many people (especially mothers) have been commenting about designs - "can attract any child to eat without wastage".

Especially in a time when so many people are struggling with maintaining the children’s nutrition quality on a tight budget, I can’t tell you how grateful we feel to be able to share some joy, hope, and wisdom, through using what is readily available in your community.

We hope to continue to contribute to healthier lives through healthy foods.

Thank you so much for being part of this challenge with us - at this critical moment in history!

We are thrilled to announce our best 3 food designers;

1st - child 1

2nd - child 2

3rd - child 4

Even though it feels like the KID Food Design challenge has only just begun, we’re already thinking about what’s next after today.

Comments from the participants and judges of the online food design challenge

"Let's start together"

published on 28/05/2020

edited on 30/05/2020


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