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Veggie mothers

Updated: May 28, 2020

By Hadijah Nantambi.S

Veggie mothers eat healthy foods on a tight budget. They Own home vegetable gardens. They harvest and eat fresh vegetables at all mealtimes. They have learned five healthy lifestyle habits (five Rs) which have made them superior women in the society. By adopting these five lifestyle habits and you can increase food nutrition quality; especially for fruits and vegetables in your family.

Health Lifestyle habits for Urban mothers

1. Reduce – Veggie mothers buy less and grow more healthy vegetables & fruits at home. These mothers have vegetable gardens starting from 4*3 ft to ¼ an acre growing space. They have learned to live a healthy life with a low grocery shopping list/schedule. They weave so much the burden of asking for “kameza monies” from our husbands every morning. With the gardens, it’s an opportunity to homeschooling their kids to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and technical skills that many Ugandans achieve at a late stage in life or have to pay dollars to attend international conferences, farm tours, and exhibitions.

2. Refuse – They choose what kind of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with the food they eat. Similarly, they have decided not to buy certain fresh foods sold along with dirt places and side bank of the sewage drainage uncovered tunnels in Kampala. May be with that choice they encourage many women accompanied by their toddlers to trade in the hygienic places; which already exist. You too can refuse to adopt certain unhealthy community habits.

3. Rot – They Compost to create more soil than paying the garbage bill or dropping it on the roadsides heaps. They choose to compost their organic garbage to make fertilizers, save the environment, build peace in your community, and have a chance to teach your kids how to make wise decisions. Compost is then used to grow fruits like berries or grapes. Try it and you will be amazed.

Throughout my childhood, I didn’t have a chance to visit

supermarkets or travel in order to eat grapes or berries.

But my kids eat yummy berries at home throughout the year.

” Says Jane, kayebe organic garden"

4. Reuse – Veggie mothers creatively use many items at home to fulfill a different function; for example, in the garden. Do you remember your Art lessons at schools? Can you pass on the skill to your family using your garden? In the right plant requirement, transfer the compost into your container/sack and you will grow healthy organic vegetables at a low/zero cost.

1. Recycle – They Break down plant leaves, seeds, and roots to make raw materials for the manufacture of your home products, say pesticides. These mothers make organic pesticides and fungicides from natural organic herbs, chilies, plant oils, and spices. Their main goal is to protect their families, community, and environment.

Join our local network of veggie mothers to prepare, adapt, and respond to the most pressing challenges in the fresh healthy food supply in your community.

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Picture source: Kayebe organic garden, (a 3 square meter piece of land).

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Eva N Wante
Eva N Wante
May 28, 2020

Child 1. I think kids love funny ideas. This looked cute.

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